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LCCS - Civil Rights, Americans with Disabilities (ADA), and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plans

posted 2/21/24 -- The purpose of these plans is to provide assurances and demonstrate that customers of the County Agency/OMJ centers are receiving equal access to program services and information that those programs are operated and provided in a nondiscriminatory matter. Full Story

Lorain County Medical and Community Resource Packet

posted 2/8/24 -- There are many resources available to support you and your children.  While not inclusive of every resource available, this guide will be a great place to start finding the help you need. 

Full Story

2024-2026 Lorain County's Memorandum of Understanding to Address Child Abuse and Neglect

posted 12/22/23 -- Lorain County's Memorandum of Understanding to Address Child Abuse and Neglect is a document that sets forth the normal operating procedures to be employed by all concerned officials in the execution of their respective responsibilities when conducting a child abuse or neglect assessment/investigation. The purpose of the memorandum is to clearly delineate the role and responsibility of each official or agency in assessing or investigating child abuse or neglect in the county. The respective duties and requirements of all involved shall be addressed in the memorandum. Full Story

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