The Need for Foster Parents

Foster parents care for children of all ages, but there is a particular need for foster parents to care for:

§  Newborns and toddlers

§  Sibling groups (brothers and sisters who should remain together)

§  Teenagers (12 and older)

Qualifications to Become a Foster Parent

To become a licensed foster parent, you can/must be:

§  Married, single, divorced or widowed;

§  With or without children of your own;

§  A renter or homeowner;

§  18 years or older;

§  Employed or a stay-at-home parent – as long as your income can adequately meet your household needs;

§  Committed to caring for children;

§  Able to accept children as they are;

§  Able to provide support and be a strong role model of positive family life.


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