Dear Foster Parents,

First of all, thank you for being a foster parent for a child. We don't say that nearly enough. We do appreciate you and value your participation in Lorain County's Safety Net. This section of the web site should help you navigate and access most of the information you need to successfully foster.

The links below will help you view lists, download forms, and check out the upcoming training calendar.Below please find our general memo to kick off the avalanche of information we are providing. Please call your caseworker at any time if you need clarification or can't find what you need. Thank you again for your commitment, your caring, and your patience.

We appreciate you.

General Information and Overview

Informational Memo (1/2015)

Documents and Forms

 Learning/Training Documentation

Approved Book/ Article List (read-only printed list, with competencies for ITNA)

Approved Articles for Foster Parenting Continuing Ed Hours (link to a google drive folder, articles sorted alphabeticaly, and can be downloaded as PDFs

Book/Article Transfer of Learning

Internet Training Transfer of Learning

Training Documentation – Child Specific Training

Training Documentation – Community Based Training

Foster Care Rules and Investigations

Notification Rule
Rule Violations vs Third Parties…What’s the Difference????

Medical Information

Psychotropic Medication Guidelines for Caregivers and Foster Parents (NEW)

30-Day and Annual Form
OnGoing Medical Form
Medical, Dental, and Vision Providers

Services for Foster Parents

Day Care Reimbursement Form

Foster Parent Training Schedule

April 2019 to June 2019 Training Schedule

Important Names and Numbers:

  • Questions/concerns regarding payment of board checks: Fiscal Dept – Jessica Basinski – 440-329-5311
  • Questions/concerns regarding the Medicaid card: ­Fiscal Dept – Karen Strader– 440-329-5683
  • Training Registration and Scheduling/Scheduling BCII & FBI fingerprints –
  • Respite/Day Care Provider – Caroline McKinney – (440) 329-5594
  • Specific Child Related questions – Direct Services worker or their supervisor
  • Specific Foster Home Questions – Family Based Care support worker or supervisor
  • Independent Living - Kris Ross – 440-329-5672
  • Training Approvals – Contact your support worker

FosterAdoptive Parent Rights

If you feel you have been discriminated against or unfairly treated, you have the right to file a grievance with the Agency’s ombudsman. We would encourage you to first contact your support worker and if you can not resolve the matter at that level, ask to talk to or meet with the FBC Supervisor or Manager in order to assist you. Otherwise you can contact Deborah Bailey at 440-329-5340.

If you feel you have been discriminated against by race, color, or national origin, you have the right to file a complaint using the MEPA Formal Written Notice of the Process for Any Complaints. You can use the one provided to you in training, or at the Agency’s front desk, or any Public Children Services Agency, or by contacting Ohio Department of Job and Family Services – Bureau of Civil Rights at 1-866-227-6353.